Please Help Us Fix The Census 2020 Race Box!

Source: A flyer distributed at an Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month event on 5/17/2018 in Washington DC

We Asian Americans deserve to be treated the Same as other races.


In the current version submitted to the Congress for approval (left), Asian Americans are treated differently than White, African Americans and American Indians. Why? The Census first implemented a box for Chinese in 1870, coinciding with the Burlingame Treaty of 1868, which eventually led to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.

It is time to end this hurtful legacy and we need your help!

Please email to or call the census bureau at 800-923-8282.

Please contact your Representative and Senator in the Congress.

The Census form sets a BAD example. Data disaggregation targeting Asian Americans now appears in the mortgage application form, the CommonApp (for college application), preschool application and even on the Death certificate in Minnesota.

Contact us at: or 978-494-3909 .


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